Vatican News reports that on April 12 Pope Francis continued his “Mercy Friday” practice by visiting the Emanuele Village in the northern outskirts of Rome.

The Emanuele Village cares for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

It is organized like a real Village, reproducing many small aspects of everyday life, assisting those who live with this disease to maintain a bridge of communication with the outside world, promoting socialization and inclusion. The Village is named after its founder, who set out to create an innovative solution for residential care for people affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Pope Francis was greeted on his arrival by residents and staff in the courtyard of the Village. He spoke to each of them individually, offering a few words of comfort. The most delightful moment of the Pope’s visit was when one of the elderly residents pinched his cheeks in typical Italian grandma fashion and the Holy Father responded in kind.


With this visit, Pope Francis wanted to draw attention to the conditions of exclusion and loneliness that a disease like Alzheimer’s risks generating in people who are often left alone by society. The progressive increase in life expectancy also calls for greater awareness and respect for the needs and dignity of those who live with this disease.

You can read more at VaticanNews.va


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