“Exactly As It Was”: Sense of Sacred Reigns in French Senate

May 27, 2019  Paris

The French Senate today has approved the government’s restoration bill for Notre Dame after adding a clause that the Cathedral “must be restored exactly as it was” before fire caused major damage to the structure that brought down it’s famed spire on April 15.

French President Emmanuel Macron had launched a global wide ‘contest’ calling on the world’s architects to submit plans for what he hoped would be  “an inventive reconstruction”. Ideas to renovate the Cathedral’s roof included a garden, a swimming pool, stained glass panels, and a ‘beam of light to reach the heavens’ to replace the iconic spire that was destroyed in the fire.

But a ‘sense of the sacred’ ruled the day and while the sacred may be more cultural than spiritual today in France, there is still an appreciated recognition of  the transcedentals of truth, beauty, and goodness that the original builders inspired in their construction of the Cathedral.

The bill, because of this and other changes must now go back to the Assemblée Nationale for approval.


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