It all started with a meme (a little pictorial message that’s posted on social media created to elicit thought and discussion). Many of the initial reactions and comments to the original hat ‘meme’ were requests to purchase the hat. And, as they say, the rest is history. We contracted with a local Catholic manufacturer who delivered the first run a few days later and has kept us well supplied, and well ahead of the demand, ever since.

It was the exemplary and honorable conduct of a bunch of great Catholic high school kids that inspired our PROLIFE MAGA CATHOLIC hats after the boys’ lives were turned upside down by a pack of Native American activists, with their publicity seeking leader, Nathan Phillips, manipulating a ‘fresh blood’ opportunity to acquire yet another 15 minutes of fame, and a mob of obscenity shouting, profanity baiting, racist Black Hebrew Israelites, all adult males, ganging up on a high school class of teen boys attending the 2019 March for Life in Washington D.C. (“Pick on someone your own size!” ought to have been the initial universal cry.) The boys, proudly wearing their new Make America Great Again hats purchased from a vendor at the just ended March for Life, had obediently gathered, per instructions of their school chaperones, at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial to wait for their bus.

Both gangs of adult males were already present in the public square and had kept their distance from each other and respected each other’s space.

Until the boys began to arrive.

First the kids were mercilessly harassed and antagonized by the Black Hebrew Israelites spewing hate speech at them with all the venomous vulgarity and profanity of the devil, because of their Catholic, Pro-Life, MakeAmericaGreatAgain witness. The Native American activists then seized the opportunity to receive more free publicity after observing all the mobile phone videos recording the attack, so they moved in to join it. The boys reacted admirably, though obviously uncomfortable with the tense and volatile situation being created by the abusive adult males.

But that isn’t the way it was reported.

Within hours these innocent kids were brutally bloodied and beaten up by the drive-by media, Hollywood celebrities, Tweeters, bloggers, hate-filled-agenda-driven leftists commentators, and, sadly, denounced by the officials of their own faith community.

The kids were eventually exonerated of any wrongdoing by an independent commission established by the Diocese of Lexington after an initial rush to rash judgment by the Bishops of both Lexington and Covington, along with the principal of their own Covington Catholic High School, to the utter shame and embarrassment to all of the aforementioned. The failure of the young men’s faith community to rally round them, and instead charge them with an accusatory ‘guilty till proven innocent’ verdict, will go down in history as one of the great failures of their local Church. An apology from the Diocese is warranted but not expected as it adds to the Prayers of the Faithful, “That this awkward and embarrassing situation just goes away quickly. Let us pray to the Lord..”

But the boys are effected for the rest of their lives and will continue to pay the consequences of the harsh and unjust ‘heads on a platter’ treatment with which they were victimized.

The boys were targeted. No doubt about it. The multiple mobile phone videos produced as evidence during the investigation proves it beyond any reasonable doubt.

They were targeted for being: 1) Pro-Life, 2) Trump supporters, and 3) Catholic.

Covington Catholic High School was already known for taking a frontline position in the Pro-Life battle having added the Pro-Life phrase, “born and unborn”, at the end of their daily Pledge of Allegiance so that it reads:

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all – born and unborn.”

And as Pro-Life Catholics the boys have a fearless role model in Priests For Life, Father Frank Pavone, who exemplifies heroic courage, fidelity, and fortitude on America’s shameful abortion battlefield soaked with the blood of 60 Million dead babies since Roe vs Wade. Father Pavone also proudly wears a Make America Great Again hat because for the first time in our nation’s history we have a Pro-Life President who has also come out in defense of Nick Sandmann and the other Covington Catholic High School boys with recent Tweets supporting them.

The Covington Catholic High School boys, Father Frank Pavone, President Donald Trump, and all who support, promote, and advance the Culture of Life in America are targets of the Enemy of Life with or without ‘the hat’.

Vercillo’s Catholic Store fully anticipated being attacked with our PROLIFE MAGA CATHOLIC hats. What we did not anticipate was the mind-blowing amount of support we have received, from all over the world, for our hats and the good and holy ideal that they represent. As of today we are shipping out our first international bulk order. All in a month’s time from inception.

The Father of Lies attempts to identify the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ with hate which brings death because, in reality, it is the exact opposite; it is intimately associated with Love that brings Life. The Enemy roams about the world seeking the destruction of Life because the Life in the womb is the very Image of God who is Love.

It’s time to push-back on the Enemy and not be afraid to proudly, and visibly, witness to what we believe: 1) PROLIFE. That all human life, from conception to natural death, is sacred and has inestimable value in the eyes of God our Creator. 2) MAGA That our country, America, can only be great again when she returns to the Judeo-Christian ideals of our founding fathers as established in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, including the Right to Life. 3) CATHOLIC. That we are to be a light set on a mountain top and not hidden under a bushel basket.

To this end we proudly tip our hats!

6 thoughts on “NOW ABOUT THEM HATS”

  1. Thank you Vercillo’s for your tallent in marketing, your faithful witness to life, for your faithfulness to our creator and for our President and the high School boys.

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  2. How did politics get into Religion? This is wrong and not all Catholics are comfortable with this hat. As a minority this bothers me and I will never shop there again.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Frances. Our Bishops here in the United States have defined not only our right but our duty, as Catholics, to participate in the political life of our country. In their document, Faithful Citizenship, they teach us that, “Catholics who bring their moral convictions into public life do not threaten democracy or pluralism but enrich them and the nation. The separation of church and state does not require division between belief and public action, between moral principles and political choices, but protects the right of believers and religious groups to practice their faith and act on their values in public life.”

      Our Bishops also teach in the same document, “It is the teaching of the Catholic Church from the very beginning, founded on her understanding of her Lord’s own witness to the sacredness of human life, that the killing of an unborn child is always intrinsically evil and can never be justified. If those who perform an abortion and those who cooperate willingly in the action are fully aware of the objective evil of what they do, they are guilty of grave sin and thereby separate themselves from God’s grace. This is the constant and received teaching of the Church. It is, as well, the conviction of many other people of good will.”

      This is what our PROLIFE MAGA CATHOLIC hat bears witness to, as explained in the article, and we are sorry you have chosen to take the other side. We encourage you to continue to be open to discussion and dialogue (even in this forum as you are welcome any time) so that we may come to a greater understanding of each other’s positions and why we have taken them. God bless you abundantly.


      1. Toni,
        I am a Pro-Life Catholic and never once said anything about disagreeing with Pro-Life, you changed my narrative! I Do Not agree with MAGA on the hat because that is a Trump Ideal and I can not stand behind a man who treats Immigrant families and children with such disregard for their families and life. Reminder 2 children died while in his camps. The separation of children and parents is a horrible action that has been proven to given children emotional distress.


      2. Hi Frances, Thank you for the continued dialogue. I’m sorry if you misunderstood. Your question was, “How did politics get into religion?” and I replied to it with an answer from our own U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference. It is our duty as Catholic citizens of this great country to involve ourselves in it’s political system. How else will change for the better be effected? It seemed by your comment that you did not agree that Catholics ought to be involved in politics. I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that we were referring to your not being Pro-Life. We will certainly be looking for you on the front lines of the Pro-Life effort on Ash Wednesday, the day the 40DaysForLife Fall Campaign kicks off, and hope to meet you in person. We take the 12-2 shift at the Cedar Rivers late-term abortion facility in Tacoma WA. Maybe you could come join us.

        As for the MAGA on our hats: ‘Make America Great Again’ is an ideal that every Catholic American ought to strive for especially when our Religious Liberty, Freedom of Speech, and the Right to Life are under attack as we saw with the Covington Catholic High School boys episode. We praise God every day that President Trump is reversing federal funding of Planned Parenthood, continues to boldly proclaim the sanctity of human life and the dignity and value of Unborn lives. We also are grateful that he has secured the integrity of the Supreme Court for generations to come by seating Pro-Life, pro-Constitution justices. God bless you abundantly.


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