Of Holy Priests and SuperHeroes and Other Such Creatures

36834695_1970064803025654_4867737945546686464_nIt was great to see #MyProLifePresident Trump honor #MyCatholicChurch by inviting these fine, young Priests to sit in the VIP section at his Montana rally in support of Senate hopeful Matt Rosendale who will replace anti-Life Jon Tester.

Outgoing (God wills it!) Tester earned a 100% rating from the extreme abortion radicals at NARAL for his support and promotion of legalized abortion, including partial birth abortion. Incoming (God wills it!) Matt Rosendale got the nod from CatholicVote.org, one of the largest lay-organized Catholic advocacy groups in the country. With over 500,000 members and engaged citizens in every state, CV seeks to educate, organize, and mobilize voters to protect and defend life, family and freedom.

Now meet Fathers Christopher Lebsock and Kevin Christofferson. These are the Priests, together with Fathers Ryan Erlenbush, and Garrett Nelson, who have the courage to lead God’s people in the U.S. back to where we belong – a nation that respects the dignity of every human being from womb to tomb – by witnessing to it at President Trump’s Montana rally for Catholic Pro-Life Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

But as with all things good and holy, hell’s minions, some disguised as ‘Catholic media personalities’, and Priests and Presidents of no-longer Catholic Universities who stood with and supported anti-Life, anti-Catholic Obama and Hillary, are shooting flaming arrows at them in an attempt to bring down our Pro-Life President. (But like the foolish virgins in Matthew 25 their torches turned out to be duds fizzling from insufficient fuel.)

And then we have the wannabe infamous blogger, Steal MalNotACat, who self-identifies as Catholic (but one who has clearly ‘been there, done that, moved on’), was particularly venomous and inflammatory in her attack against these fine men of God, defaming their good names and casting aspersions on their intent (as though she could read their hearts).

Defending her ‘ConservatismIsDeadBecauseTrumpWon’ ideology with CCC quotes she chose to oppose that to which she supposedly espouses – “Love thy neighbor as thyself’ – as apparently, for her, does not include Catholic Priests.

Many Saints have warned against attacking Priests and the dire consequences thereof, especially through public calumny. Perhaps this CCC quoting, allegedly Catholic University grad, failed to get the memo on CCC 2479: “Detraction and calumny destroy the reputation and honor of one’s neighbor. Honor is the social witness given to human dignity, and everyone enjoys a natural right to the honor of his name and reputation and to respect. Thus, detraction and calumny offend against the virtues of justice and charity.”

A leftist ‘Catholic(?)’ tattle-call has gone out to ‘report’ Fathers Lebsock and Christofferson to their ‘boss’, Monsignor Kevin O’Neill while Obama and Clinton supporting activist Priests like Father Michael Pfleger are hailed as messianic prophets and visionaries.

O Duplicity! O Hypocrisy! O Envy! O Pride! O Vengeance! are the O Antiphons of self destruction. May their hour come quickly!

All Pro-Lifers , including Catholics, are encouraged to counter the rehellious voices with our own calls of support for all four of these exemplary faithful Priests.

Just follow the links below:
Monsignor Kevin O’Neill, at (406) 442-5820

And when you’re done with that you can go over and support Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Religious Freedom, Pro-Constitution, Senate Candidate (no surprise that he is also a faithful) Catholic Matt Rosendale.

And don’t forget to #PrayForPriestsPrayForMorePriests!

3 thoughts on “Of Holy Priests and SuperHeroes and Other Such Creatures”

  1. I find it interesting that in one paragraph you note that saints warn against attacking priests and the dire consequences thereof while just three paragraphs prior you yourself alleged that some priests who take offense at the actions of these Montana priests are among hell’s minions.

    These priests are certainly entitled to their political views and to participation in political activities, to the extent that their vocation allows. Where they erred is in causing division by their witness, to quote St. John Paul II: “It should be added that the presbyter’s right to express his own personal choices is limited by the requirements of his priestly ministry. This limitation too can be an aspect of the poverty he is called to practice following Christ’s example. In fact, he can sometimes be obliged to abstain from exercising his own right so that he can be a strong sign of unity, and thus proclaim the Gospel in its fullness. Even more, he must avoid presenting his own choice as the only legitimate one, and within the Christian community, he should respect the maturity of the laity (cf. Ench. Vat., IV, 1196), and even work to help them achieve that maturity by forming their consciences (cf. Ench. Vat., IV, 1194). He will do what is possible to avoid making enemies by taking political stands that cause distrust and drive away the faithful entrusted to his pastoral mission.”

    These priests have pastoral care over all the souls entrusted to them regardless of political affiliation, immigration status, state of grace, etc etc. Any soul should feel that they will be well received when seeking their shepherds, but by their presence at this event and by their tacit support of all of President Trump’s positions (not just the pro-life advances he has brought about) these priests can seem to be saying that some souls will be more welcome than others.

    And no, the above quote is not a fruit of my own work, I took it from a post by Deacon Greg Kandra: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/deaconsbench/2018/07/catholic-priests-at-trump-rally/


  2. I am extremely proud of Fr. Christopher Lebsock! For having the courage and tenacity to go to the Trump rally here in Great Falls Montana. He’s my priest in Helena and we love him to pieces! He’s a very kind, open hearted, and courageous individual. He’s a breath of fresh air in our stale liberal town. Where 70% of the Catholics are pro-choice And proud of their “open mindedness”. I’m sick and tired of seeing this. Additionally, the cathedral just published a directive from the Pope himself in this past year and a half that directed all Catholics, I didn’t see any exclusions here regarding priests or other servicemen and women, to get involved in the political system and to get out and vote and be a part of everything. Because as Catholics our voices matter. I see nothing wrong with what this priest and his colleagues have done by attending the rally by a United States president. I find it egregious and disgusting that people are attacking anyone for attending this rally. I think these people who are pushing the blame game and pointing fingers should probably spend a day at home in dead silence, thinking about all the things they’ve done in their lives, then making a full confession before taking the host next.

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