Triple ‘Trigger’: Father Frank Pavone to the Rescue

Being a Pro-Life, Catholic, Trump supporter has become a ‘triple trigger’ to leftists which was dramatically brought to the forefront of the battle to re-establish the United States as a Godly nation with the persecution of the Covington Catholic High School Boys who attended the March for Life in Washington D.C on January 18, 2019. 

An initial rush to judgment based on the video ‘evidence’ provided by the never-ever-to-be-trusted drive-by media had even the Bishops and the Principal of the boys’ high school rashly condemning what was being presented as unchristian behavior. The diocese has launched an independent investigation meanwhile the boys and their families have been threatened with violence, even death, in the wake of being victims of the vicious #FakeNews. Of the Bishops of Kentucky, Bishop Stowe of Lexington has condemned the boys for wearing Make America Great Again hats at the March for Life; Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville has stated he will stand by the statement of Bishop Foys of Covington who has at this writing apologized to the boys, their families, and all who were effected by his #RushToRashJudgment. 

Once again, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life has to the rescue. This holy Priest has no fear of disregarding every politically correct item on the leftist agenda in proclaiming the Truth as Jesus has mandated. 

He went Live yesterday to defend the Covington High boys and to re-affirm his mission to see that the enemies of Life are exposed and that the victims of abortion are spoken for in defense of their dignity and value as human persons. 

Kudos and acclamations to our hero, Father Frank Pavone!

Call Vercillo’s Catholic Store Toll Free 866-471-8399, Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, to order a ‘triple trigger’. 


The video starts at the 8:17 mark. Enjoy!



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