MSM Creates Anti-Catholic/Anti-Life/Anti-Trump Trifecta that Backfires


The Kentucky Bishops Conference and the Covington Catholic High School responded swiftly in issuing a statement of condemnation the day after a video of several of its students reportedly displaying unchristian behavior while attending the March for Life in Washington DC on January 18, 2019 went viral.

Nothing less would have been expected or acceptable than a condemnation of the actions of these young men if, in fact, the events played out as reported in the media. After all, the purpose of the March for Life is to highlight the reality of the Unborn as persons requiring the same dignity and respect as every human person already born and if these boys did indeed disrespect the dignity of another person than punishment ought to be as swift as the condemnation.

But perhaps the Diocese responded too swiftly.

The media’s portrayal of the events is contrary to what the boys, the parents and chaperones, and even some stand-by witnesses are describing.

They state the boys were just hanging out next to the Lincoln Memorial waiting for their bus to pick them up and doing some school cheers to pass the time when a Native American beating a drum, and his companions, entered their space. At first the boys thought the drum beating man was joining in their celebrative activity but it soon became apparent by some of the foul-mouthed accusations being hurled at the MAGA hat wearing boys that this was not a pleasant encounter and so they removed themselves. You can see it all in the video below, including the gang of foul-mouthed ‘Indigenous’ bullies exclaiming, “We won!” as the boys depart.

Here is one parent/chaperone statement:

“Regarding the Covington Catholic High School story: The information being conveyed in the media is untrue. The CCH boys were waiting at the Lincoln Memorial for their buses to show up, after participating in the March for Life. While standing there, first they were verbally assaulted by a group of guys who used abusive, foul language, and in particular targeted an African-American CCH student. The CCH boys did not retaliate or respond, other than to start singing some of their school chants in order to drown the guys out. The guys left, and while the boys were still hyped up from doing their school chants, the gentleman in question walked into the middle of the CCH boys, walked up and faced the boy in question, and began banging his drum and chanting. The boy and his friends didn’t quite know what to do. The boy in question tried to politely listen to him. Some of the others danced a bit and clapped along. Then after 5 minutes or so, the gentleman left. That’s it. No one blocked him, touched him, or even said anything negative to him. The boy in question didn’t laugh at him, turn his back on him, or any such thing. No one chanted “build the wall.” The boy in question was just trying to listen to him, not “smirk,” “mock him,” or any similar thing. No one tried to intimidate the gentleman. He intentionally walked into the middle of the CCH boys and started his drum/chant in front of the boy. Now this boy, who is all of 16 years old, and the rest of the CCH boys, are being vilified across the nation. This is ridiculous. There are videos circulating that support the foregoing. But of course there are people who will instead choose to believe the stories being circulated in the media.”

The mainstream media intentionally ignored the March for Life and its 650,000 participants but it seems they were not satisfied with that, given the competition with social networking for time and attention and the factual reporting of events. So they created a false narrative, using these MAGA hat wearing Catholic high school boys, to attempt to discredit Pro-Lifers, Catholics, and Trump supporters. The media took full advantage of the ‘opportunity’ to justify and further it’s biased attitude towards Life issues and the Catholic Church. One media outlets even falsely reported “Covington Catholic students at the Indigenous Peoples March” and describe the boys as “mocking an elderly Native American man.”

One of the boys involved contacted FOX19Now and said the group was doing some cheers to pass the time while waiting for a bus and reports the group of indigenous people forced their way into the middle of their cheers. His email reads: “We initially thought this was a cultural display since he was beating along to our cheers and so we clapped to the beat.”

If any good is to be derived from this, yet another, #FakeNews incident it will surely be the attention drawn to the March for Life that it otherwise would not have received, and the wider dissemination of the many, many advances that have been made in re-establishing our nation as one that respects human life from conception to natural death.

People will be hitting their search engines and finding out that our Pro-Life Vice President, Mike Pence, made a surprise appearance and our Pro-Life President, Donald Trump, sent a surprise videotaped message to the March for Life that offered hope, encouragement, and support to all of the participants in the movement.

“Life is winning again!”, Vice President Pence announced.

He then enumerated the many advances that have been accomplished just in the time that Donald Trump has been our President, including the seating of Pro-Life justices on the Supreme Court.

As Catholics, we are fully aware that whenever a great Godly good is being accomplished the devil will get his tail in the middle of it and attempt to sweep it away. These young men have learned a hard lesson; being Catholic is not easy or popular.

But we also know that God wins – every time! 








6 thoughts on “MSM Creates Anti-Catholic/Anti-Life/Anti-Trump Trifecta that Backfires”

    1. They have a vested interest in maintaining the false narrative. After all, abortion is the ‘work of their hands; the fruit of their labor’ sacrificed daily on their altars of sacrilege. Discredit the Catholic Church and the entire March for Life is discredited.


    1. There is enough video footage being circulated that clearly show the Covington High School boys were targeted and harassed because they were Catholic. The language used by the Black Hebrew Israelites towards these young boys was abusive profanity. Apologies are flooding in, even from their Bishop. All who made a rush to judgment and those who perpetuate the lie are culpable for the harm done to these boys, their school, and their Catholic community.


  1. Who is usually obnoxious the left
    And any young men from a christian or catholic school. They are taught at a young age. Respect, integrity,
    Honor and their faith in human life! So never believed the lies of the media!


  2. So this is the video the Left is going nuts over?

    I watch the whole thing and I did not see or hear anything close to what the hate of the Left is speaking of


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