Roses: Every Day In December


Every day in December a Feast of Our Lady is celebrated somewhere in the world. And a perfect way to celebrate and honor the Mother of God under her various titles is to gift her with this beautiful One Decade Rose Rosary, seen in the photo, from Julia’s Floral and Fresh Rosary .

Vercillo’s Catholic Book & Gift is fully stocked for Advent and Christmas and the focus of both seasons is this wonderful woman Mary, and our salvation which was wrought by her “Yes”.


Here in the United States we celerate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the patroness of the United States of America on December 8; and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas and Patroness of the Unborn on December 12. But many here in the US celebrate the others, especially if their parishes or organizations are named after these titles of Mary.

  • Our Lady of Ratisbon—–December 1 [Bavaria]
  • Our Lady of Didinia—–December 2 [Turkey]
  • Our Lady of Victory—–3 [Paris, France]
  • Our Lady of La Chapelle—– 4[Abbeville, France]
  • Our Lady of the Jesuit College—–5 [Rome]
  • Our Lady of Seez—– 6
  • Vigil of the Immaculate Conception—–December 7
  • The Immaculate Conception—–December 8
  • Our Lady of the Conception—– 9 [Naples, Italy]
  • Our Lady of Loreto—–10
  • Our Lady of the Angels—–11 [Paris, France]
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe—–December 12
  • Our Lady of the Holy Chapel —–13 [Paris, France]
  • Our Lady of Alba Royale—–14 [Hungary]
  • Octave Day of The Immaculate Conception—–December 15
  • Our Lady of Good Deliverance—–16 [Spain and Florida, USA]
  • Our Lady of Amiens—–17 [France]
  • Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary—–December 18
  • Our Lady of Toledo—–19 [Spain]
  • Our Lady of Molene, France—–20
  • Our Lady of St. Acheul, Amiens, France—–21
  • Our Lady of Chartres, Mother of Youth, France—–22
  • Our Lady of Ardilliers, Anjou, France—–23
  • Vigil of the Nativity and
  • Chaste Nuptials of Our Lady and St. Joseph —–24
  • Nativity of the Lord [Technically a Major Feast of Our Lord]—–December 25
  • Our Lady of Acheropita, Rossano, Italy—–26
  • Feast of the Institution of the Knights of Our Lady—–27
  • Our Lady of Pontoise, France—–28
  • Our Lady of Spire, Germany—–29
  • Our Lady of Bologna, Italy—–30
  • The Image of Our Lady of Chartres —–31

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