NOT Catholic Feminism

42892618_2093883283977138_3284707240413495296_nThe disappointment among an elite group of Catholic women was tangible when President Trump did not select Amy Coney Barrett as nominee for the Supreme Court. Barrett had been on the President’s ‘short list’ for consideration in filling the vacancy brought about by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia and eventually filled by Neil Gorsuch in April 2017. Many were ‘sure’ the Catholic, pro-life Barrett would be Trump’s top choice upon the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. The need for a conservative female  to counter balance the liberal women on the bench was obvious in their minds. Their distress was apparent when Brett Kavanaugh was selected instead.

The only thing more shocking than the treatment Judge Kavanaugh received at the hands of the Democrats on the judiciary committee was the treatment he received from these elite Catholic women.

Even before the Blasey-Ford charade had moved into the ‘FBI investigation’ phase there were shouts of, “It was a bad call. We need to move on.” Meaning, of course, that the scourged and bloodied man at the center of it all, the once distinguished and honorable Judge Kavanaugh, assumed guilty until proven innocent, should be cast aside as a now worthless piece of humanity.

The cause to seat a conservative female on the bench must advance – at any cost – even if the life, career, and family of an innocent man be destroyed in the process.  Another male Justice was not their vision. It was time to begin their letter-writing, petition-signing, and phone-calling campaign (it seems that is what they are best at doing) to garner support for the nominee of their choice even before Judge Kavanaugh’s blood had dried and turned black.

I can’t ever remember feeling so disgraced by my own sex.

These ladies had taken a radical right turn away from the  feminine genius that Pope John Paul II had introduced and developed and had turned themselves into the very creatures they sought to transform – the far-left, radical, extremist, self-centered, man-hating, ideologue feminists.

Judge Kavanaugh will be our next Supreme Court Justice and we will be blessed to have him seated on the bench. He has more than paid the price for the privilege. And there will be future opportunity for Amy Coney Barrett. If and when she is ever confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice it will be a bitter sweet day for the ‘NOT Catholic feminists’. And hopefully a day for them to reflect and repent.



2 thoughts on “NOT Catholic Feminism”

  1. And as Catholic women they should have been happy to have a Catholic on the bench. I think modern feminism has become a man hating movement. And yet woman raise men everyday. Of course our society has to have victims and haters in each rank. What ever happened to may the best person win? And look at the women who signed the letter to the Pope More then likely the same group. It is very embarrassing to be a Catholic women in the US when we have Catholic women who don’t know how to stand strong in their faith. Equality and equity don’t mean anything anymore. If we are strong women it should not matter what a persons sex is or the color of their skin. It matters more to me about qualifications and character.

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    1. Thanks, Sheila. Brett Kavanaugh is first and foremost someone who follows the constitutional law which, properly interpreted, is based on the moral law, and he ought to be confirmed on that basis alone. The addition of being a Christian and, further more, a Catholic-Christian as the foundation for his practice of the law, solidifies his qualifications to be seated as a Supreme Court Justice.


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