“Only the commandment of love, in all its simplicity – steady, humble, unassuming but firm in conviction and in commitment to others – can save us.” – Te Deum homily of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, May 25, 2012

As Pope Francis speaks from a new and much larger pulpit, it is easy to forget not only the many challenges he faced as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but also the many events that shaped the perspective he is now sharing as pope.

This collection of homilies, letters, and talks from his years as cardinal in Argentina reveals his consistent love for the poor and joy in Christ as he covers a wide range of topics of interest to all Catholics – marriage, prayer, faith, education, evangelization, the elderly, children, the homeless, vocations, and more.

The frank and open style that has endeared him to the world as pope is fully evident in these approachable pieces that give insight into the mind of the man who would become Pope Francis.

If you are looking for a clear representation of what Pope Francis believes, then look no further than this book. With topics such as marriage, children, the elderly, etc., all covered through the lens of love, you will be inspired to do more and be more for others. We can’t just sit back and expect the world to get better on its own. We can’t expect the hungry to be fed, the naked to be clothed, and the sick to be treated without Christian charity. Only Love Can Save Us is the wake-up call we all need to hear.

Available at: Vercillo’s Catholic Store, Toll Free 866-471-8399



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