Guns Are Not The Problem. Abortion Is


Another school shooting. The 14th so far this year. And ‘this year’ is only six weeks old.

Gov. Matt Blevin , in his remarks three weeks ago after the high school shooting in Kentucky that left two dead and 21 injured, said more gun laws won’t solve the problem.

And he’s correct.

We need to “wake up” and look at the “root causes” Blevin said, and as he continued to speak he defined the real problem, even mentioning the loss of morality and no longer appealing to a ‘higher authority’. Blevin enumerated the ways in which killing one another is now celebrated. Except he failed to mention the one ‘celebration’ that began mankind’s downward trend into the dark, mucky hellhole of societal destruction – – ABORTION.

Forty five years and 60 MILLION dead American babies later.

We only feign anguish at school shootings because what more can we expect when we have kicked God out of our schools and invited Planned Parenthood into our schools to indoctrinate our kids into celebrating the killing of their own flesh and blood? How do we then tell them it is wrong to kill your neighbor?

We need to kick Planned Parenthood and their ideology out of our schools and let God back into them. We need to kick Planned Parenthood out of our nation and let God back into it.

When, we as a people, rise up to acknowledge, and declare, that Human Life is Sacred from the moment of conception and assign to it the dignity and value with which God has endowed it, then God will once again bless our nation’s children with right thinking.

Váde sátana, invéntor et magíster ómnis falláciae, hóstis humánae salútis! Da lócum Christo!
(Begone, Satan inventor and master of all deceit, enemy of man’s salvation! Give place to Christ!)

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